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The Wild Chase reigns supreme at Grosvenor casinos

Grosvenor casinos has never had a hard time presenting players with gambling opportunities that can’t be found elsewhere. This is not a tiny achievement, since there are so many online gambling operators out there.

As Internet casinos go, this one has the recipe for success all figured out and no reason to stray even a step away from it. By keeping all the games available mobile friendly, the casino has no problem in broadening its customer base effortlessly.

In 2016, the casino was the proud recipient of the award for the best online casino for mobile devices. Not surprisingly, all the new games added this year our mobile friendly, including the masterpiece Wild Chase. The game was premiered in April, and it was made available here before it hit the stores anywhere else. Several months later, it is still one of the most popular titles that you can enjoy here and also one of the best paying games.


The particularity of things is that players can win a bundle of free spins, which can be triggered almost indefinitely. All you need is luck to play for free using your entire gambling session and make a lot of money in the process. Unlike free spins offered to players who sign up for real money account, the profits resulting from in game bonus rounds are not subject wagering requirements. They are treated as profits made for spinning the reels, so you can’t cash them out right away if you want.

Wild Chase act as a bridge for those who want to make the transition from classic three reel slot machines to their modern counterparts. In the five reel variety, players trigger respins more often, simply because there are more winning combinations. Having said this, you can spend just as much quality time playing the game you like on your mobile, with no trade-offs whatsoever. Free spins represent just the tip of the iceberg and players can also collect multipliers, which are triggered by the appearance of wild symbols.

The expansion of this game from desktop computers to mobile devices was an important milestone for the developers. Casumo had the privilege of running both game versions simultaneously and even released the two titles at the same time. This is what differentiates average casinos from those industry leaders that don’t play lowball but instead try to take the industry by storm.

A recent promotions dedicated to this game has just concluded but casino officials have announced their plans of offering more free spins in August. Recurrent campaigns have the advantage of players being already familiar with the game mechanics, so there is no steep learning curve to worry about.

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