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Welcome to the virtual world of b- boying

bboymapLooking to learn more about breakdancing today ? Nothing better than to be abreast of the latest trends. The site is devoted entirely to the street culture and aims to promote beyond his native land that is New York.

Who is it dedicated ? is dedicated to everyone but especially for bboys and bgirls. Even if the first to make his reputation of yesteryear with bboying goal, he plays a different role with breakdancers as allow them to open to the world, to know other crews and spotlights and get a place in the world of breakdancing today.

Also, it affects people of all ages because nowadays , there is not that adults who are interested in the art as evidenced by the performance of the 6 year old girl who was totally amazed the audience at the festival Breakdance Chelles Battle Pro. Yes, children are equally gifted than adults when it comes to breakdancing.

What its interactive maps ?

The site provides us with several interactive maps that allow us to locate exactly where the famous scene of breakdance, the crews around the world and coming events in the program. Small dots indicators are already standing on the cards so that you can see them one by one . Also, when you register , you will be asked to locate the city of origin so people can find you.

What areas does it cover ?

The site covers worldwide. It does not focus on a specific continent, but part in the discovery of all practicing breakdancing crews around the world.

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